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CCN Share Market Update:

09 Sep 2015

CCN Share Market Update:

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World's First 'Carbon Off-Set' Blockchain Asset Launches

10 Nov 2014

Today we witness another world-first. Block Chain Asset Co has announced it is issuing tokens on Bitcoin's distributed platform, the Blockchain. The mission statement is to provide Little Green Tokens (LGT) for “Social Responsibility” focusing on the ”Global Social Good.”

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CCN Prepares for Independent Market Valuation

18 Apr 2014

Conservation Central Network (CCN), a conservation company controlled by CCN Holdings HK, embarks on an independent market valuation of its assets under the supervision of SC Capital Partners, Inc. This is to prepare the business for the public capital markets, harnessing the global trend for ‘Resource Investment’.

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News Release

11 Apr 2014

CCN and FUNCADEC announce their new and extended Land Economic Management Agreement (LEMA) under the Auspices of The Earth Foundation.

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CCN Lithuania Team 2013

16 Jan 2014

The year of 2013 saw both successful and widespread awareness of the CCN Movement, as well as steady growth of the CCN Green Community.

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Tralala Technology’s Vision of Conservation Central Network (CCN)

16 Jan 2014

Tralala Technology Sdn Bhd (Company No: 1057543 K) was incorporated in Malaysia on 6th August 2013. Tralala is the technology arm of CCN and is involved in the development and support of CCN’s Business Systems.

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URGENT - PPM Share Issue

10 Jan 2014

Dear Members

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UN Climate Change Report - we are not making the grade

10 Jan 2014

Following the concerning increase of weather related disasters across the globe, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its 5th Assessment Report on climate change on the 27th September 2013. The report came to a definitive conclusion – climate change (as caused by the excess of greenhouse gasses) is genuine, and human emissions are the cause.

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Report by Lynne Brooke

10 Jan 2014

This last year has been a momentous year for Conservation Central Network. Over that time the company has matured into a leading company in terms of the achievement of its Dual Objectives of helping to save Rain Forests and as part of that strategy aimed at preventing the pernicious effect of climate change, helping to create sustainable business opportunities for...

Croatia 2013 11 16 12.11.49 CCN Latest News

From Croatia with love

06 Jan 2014

Croatia has more than a thousand islands on the Adriatic Sea, precisely - 1185 (66 inhabited) as such - probably the most interesting coast in Europe.

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Compliance & DSA Membership

06 Jan 2014

CCN members will be aware of our application in the UK for membership of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). We want to become a role model in the network marketing industry and third party endorsement is part of our ongoing effort to build a positive reputation for CCN’s unique business model.

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CCN 2014 Project Support Initiative

06 Jan 2014

Below is an excerpt from the RCE application to the United Nation University – Institute of Advanced Studies for Regional Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development in June of 2013.

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Common Ground Adelaide

06 Jan 2014

Common Ground Adelaide Ltd provides affordable rental housing in mixed community settings, to low income people and those at risk of homelessness. Housing is provided in parallel with personal support to create pathways to independent and fulfilling lives for tenants.

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LaReserva Forest Foundation Report

06 Jan 2014

LRFF finished the second planting participating in the "Give Back With Strack" initiative on December 2nd. 3000 trees of over 92 different native species on Ebert Fonseca Marin's property in Palenque Margarita within the Maleku reserve in Guatuso, Costa Rica. Here's the crew...

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The Global Environmental Markets 2013

06 Jan 2014

The Global Environmental Markets , Year 2013

The Earth Foundation Updates

The Earth Foundation Update

20 Dec 2013

We are coming into our third year of CCN’s sponsorship support of the Balay Silonganan Home for Street Children. For newer members, the connection with this beautiful place first came about during Erminio Kotlar’s and Campbell Scott’s visit to Butuan City on the island of Mindanao, Philippines, in October 2011.

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Thoughts on the Canadian Public Market- 2014

18 Dec 2013

As 2013 winds down and our thoughts are focused on the New Year, I wanted to provide some of my insights on the Canadian public market as related to CCN's desire to complete its listing on the TSX in20l4. As I understand it, there were many changes at CCN this year including a name change and a move to enhance...

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ATTENTION - Expiring CCN Debit Cards

16 Dec 2013

A large number of CCN Prepaid MasterCards® are about to expire.

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VIP Members eCo-Cash to Shares Promotion

16 Dec 2013

Over the last three years, CCN has included large bonuses to those members who have gone above and beyond in supporting the CCN conservation projects.

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Breaking News: The New CCN is Here!

26 Nov 2013

In line with CCN’s mission, vision and core objectives, the company has changed its name to Conservation Central Network in order to provide more clarity for the general public.

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New CCN Member Registration Procedure

04 Nov 2013

To All CCN Members,

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CCN PrePaid Card Renewal Policy

01 Nov 2013

To all CCN Members,

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Coming Soon: CCN's New-Look Homepage!

15 Oct 2013

To All Members of the CCN Green Community,

Sister Fatima The Earth Foundation Updates

Balay Silonganan Home for Street Children Update

07 Aug 2013

Please send your prayers and good energy to the wonderful Sister Fatima who is seriously ill in hospital having suffered a lung collapse.

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KYC Required for CCN Prepaid MasterCard

26 Jun 2013

To assist in the withdrawal process and prevent any delays, please make sure that you provide KYC documentation at your earliest convenience.

10083183719174562415281753990662o The Earth Foundation Updates

Balay Silonganan Home for Street Children

13 Jun 2013

For our supporters, I am sharing the latest email The Earth Foundation received this week with a progress report from Dr Estacio, Trustee of the Balay Silonganan Home for Street Children.

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Private Member Announcement

31 May 2013

SC Capital Partners Inc., the Investment Banking firm in contract with Carbon Central Network (CCN) Pty Ltd (the Company), and its wholly owned subsidiaries, in association with Varshney Capital Corporation of Vancouver, Canada, is pleased to announce the letter of interest, and for the agreement of all parties to undertake all the necessary due diligence and compliant protocol given as...

The Earth Foundation Updates

The Earth Foundation at the PEAB Awards

14 May 2013

The Earth Foundation was invited to be the 'good cause' partner of the People and Environment Achievement (PEA) Business Awards this year and also sponsors of the Work in the Community Award for Community Interest Companies, which Lord Laird presented to the worthy winner.

lemcologo LEMCO Progress Report

LEMCO website

13 May 2013

For more updates please visit the Lemco website.

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08 May 2013

Promotion details will be posted soon ......... WATCH THIS SPACE!

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Conservation Tycoon Promotion (Extended for Final Time - 30th APRIL 2013)

18 Apr 2013

We have heard you ....... we are extending this offer for the LAST TIME!!

inpay CCN Latest News

How to use Inpay

17 Apr 2013

Detailed instructions on how to use Inpay as a payment method for loading of Cash Account is now available in languages.

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eCo-Pro Hunter Promotion (Offer Extended)

28 Feb 2013

Dear CCN eCo-Pro Hunters

The Earth Foundation Updates

Philippine Field-Trip

15 Feb 2013

Sabine Raabe re-visited the Philippines late September of 2012 to fulfill a number of tasks for CCN and The Earth Foundation. As a part of this trip and CCN’s commitment to the community of Butuan City overall, sponsorship of the Balay Silonganan Home for Street Children, is being put on a formal footing through a corporate sponsorship programme run and...

secretaryofenvironment LEMCO Progress Report

Report January 2013

15 Feb 2013

Carare-Opon REDD+ Sustainable Land-use Project, Santander, Colombia

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2013 New Year Promotion

14 Jan 2013

We are glad to offer this 2013 New Year Promotion that will help you to boost your CCN Business and earn Cash. Lucky winners can collect $thousands in vouchers that can be turned into cash OR extra IMO allocated.

ecotour CCN Latest News

Colombian Eco-Tour

07 Jan 2013

My trip to Colombia on the CCN Eco Tour was truly eye opening and amazing in every way. Much more so than I had predicted.

CCNTravelupdate2013 CCN Travel News and Promotion

CCN Travel News Update

03 Jan 2013

To all the dedicated members of Carbon Central Network,

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02 Jan 2013

As one year comes to an end, and a new one begins; it is time to reflect, celebrate and make plans for the year ahead. So why not plan to make 2013 your most successful year yet! CCN is a business that creates opportunities for it’s members, but we all know that success does not just happen.

CCNNewyears2013s CCN Latest News

Happy New Year!

01 Jan 2013

A time for new opportunities and new beginnings.

XMAS CCN Latest News

Merry Christmas!

19 Dec 2012

Here at CCN we would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to all our members around the world!

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26 Oct 2012

It’s finally here! The new CCN website is now live and available for all members to make transactions and register new members! To log into the Members Area, use your current username and password. Remember to check your balances and compare them to your balances on the old CCN website, which can still be found at for a limited time.

ccntravelupdates CCN Travel News and Promotion

CCN Travel Update

25 Oct 2012

It has been a long time coming and we would like to thank all our members for their patience.

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Peru Announcement

19 Oct 2012

LEMCO, the forestry carbon project partner of CCN, has recently entered into an agreement with project developers in Peru to provide much required additional project management and financial support in the Peruvian province of Madre de Dios, which is considered as Peru’s richest in biodiversity and also one of the most vulnerable to deforestation.

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Log in issues using Internet Explorer

18 Oct 2012

Please be advised that we have tested all issues relating to Internet Explorer using Version 9.0 and have not been able to recreate any log in issues.For members using earlier versions of Internet Explorer, we recommend to download the latest upgrade.However, the recommended viewing browser is Google Chrome as our translation engine is linked with Google Chrome.

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Website Announcement

17 Oct 2012

After months of hard work, we’re excited to announce that it’s finally here! The new CCN website is now live and ready for you to preview! With a fresh and innovative appearance, there is an abundance of new features designed to make your experience with CCN easier and enjoyable.

The Earth Foundation Updates


30 Aug 2012

The Earth Foundation is now working with CCN to set up and run a number of Community Benefit Programmes, initially based in the Choco Region in Colombia and Butuan in the Philippines. The purpose of these initiatives is to help overcome the environmental and social development issues that affect the people who depend on the rainforests and land CCN members...

LEMCO Progress Report

LEMCO Report

28 Aug 2012

The Baudó REDD Project in Colombia is LEMCO's pilot and is currently underway. It is located in the southern end of the Chocó Province, which is one of the most threatened rainforest-regions in Colombia.

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CCN August News

20 Aug 2012

Please download the latest CCN August News